Johannesburg Childwelfare Society

Also known as Jo’burg Child Welfare

Help us at Jo’burg Child Welfare build a safe and prosperous South Africa by protecting and empowering children the way they deserve.

About Jo’burg Child Welfare

Every child is vulnerable. Some are lucky enough to have protective care in loving family homes. Others depend on us to find or provide that for them. This has been the case since our nonprofit organisation was founded in 1909

Be part of something great

There are many ways to get involved and be part of the positive change that we drive for children. Whether you want to donate or volunteer in your personal capacity, or you need to show your board members that your CSR/CSI initiatives are radically transforming our community, our fundraising team will match you with the right channels and projects.


CATTS treatment offers a holistic, comprehensive and specialised therapeutic service to child survivors of sexual abuse and their families.


CFU is the first point of entry into the organisation. This unit deals with children from birth to 12 years at intake level.


Jo’burg Child Welfare initiated the establishment of a training centre for the training of social auxiliary workers.


The Adoption team is a specialised team dedicated to the permanent placement of abandoned babies and children and those for whom consent for adoption has been given.


The Foster Care Department is responsible for recruitment, screening and training foster parents as well as the supervision and monitoring of foster care placements.


Grass roots advocacy involves empowerment of those affected by a given social ill.

Take a closer look

Many of the children depending on us today are protected by court order. We encourage you to read our annual reports and to contact our team if you’d like deeper insights into the lifesaving interventions we offer to the most vulnerable young hearts and minds in our community.

Upcoming Events

Support us by attending or contributing toward one of our upcoming fundraisers, or host one of your own. No fundraiser is too big or to small and every effort helps us serve and protect more than 3500 vulnerable children every day.

Latest News

Read more about the latest goings on at Jo’burg Child Welfare and subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more frequent updates about the difference that your donations make.

Self Sustainability

ts fill with pride when we see the children in the Othandweni Independent Living Skills programme taking their duties so seriously. These children come every day to work the veggie garden in Soweto to ensure they have fresh veggies to eat. Being in lockdown has changed their perspective, especially the older ones, who now understand the importance of self-sufficiency.

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Feed a Child/Family

u were to go to your favorite restaurant right now, what would you order? What would it cost? And if you can’t enjoy dining out at the moment, perhaps you’d like to donate the cost of that meal to Joburg Child Welfare children? 

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Birthdays are still celebrated!

Life carries on regardless of nasty viruses! Days tick past and birthdays come and go. But before they go, they need to be celebrated – and we thank donors for bringing colour and cheer to these special occasions.

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Donate in cash

One of the quickest and easiest ways to support JCW is with a cash donation. Donations keep the lights on and the water running; and help us raise children and pay the salaries of those who care for them.

Jo’burg Child Welfare
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Donate to Jo’burg Child Welfare and get something back for your business.

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