Hello everyone

Welcome to Joburg Child Welfare’s first newsletter of the year. We wish you a healthy and happy 2021 and thank you for your firm support last year.

I’m sure you’re eager to know how we’re faring with the Covid pandemic.

Our staff are returning from leave feeling refreshed and ready to tackle 2021 with enthusiasm. Having said that, the second wave of Covid has had a severe impact on our staff and children.

At last count, 15 staff and children in residential care had either contracted the virus or were in contact with infected persons. Two children (aged six and seven) contracted Covid. It’s extremely concerning that young children are becoming infected  – but we’re relieved to tell you that they have fully recovered.

A mammoth task lies ahead us all. I hope we can count on your support once again, as we strive to keep our staff and children safe and happy.

Enjoy the newsletter – and please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Margot Davids

CEO Jo’burg Child Welfare

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