Othandweni Family Care Centre in Soweto is home to 90 children; 30 of whom are under the age of five. Just like the rest of us, they’re in lockdown!

They’ve come to terms with their isolation and are content to spend their days in the safety of Othandweni. We’re so proud of them for adapting so readily to this new way of life.

Our staff are doing an amazing job, keeping them happily occupied with group educational classes, making face masks, playing sports and enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation.

We’re relieved to say that, so far, all the children are still healthy.

As you can imagine, having a big group of children at home 24/7 takes a toll on our care workers! They’re living in-house and we thank them for sacrificing time at home for the sake of our children.

If you’d like to reach out to Othandweni children during lockdown, please click here.

Thank you!

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