Life can be terribly hard on children in Eldorado Park and the surrounding informal areas. But with the right support, they can build a better future. And that’s what Masibambisane OCV Centre has helped a young artist to realise.

“Growing up, there was no money for art classes. But Masi gave me more than art classes. It gave me inspiration and motivation. It played a major role in my development as an artist,” says Leondre Goeieman Daniels. 

Leondre started drawing at nine and has never stopped. “Art helps me soar above life’s challenges. Art has kept me from doing the wrongs things and being influenced by the wrong people,” Leondre says.

We thank our donors for supporting Masibambisane and keeping  220 orphaned and vulnerable children safe and off the streets.

Thanks to you, Masi can bridge the gaps in their young lives: providing psychosocial services, healthy meals, early childhood development, and academic and recreational activities to help them grow and realise their full potential.

Click here if you’d like to support the Masibambisane OVC Centre.

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