Some children at Masibambisane need urgent medical care to survive. And then, they need ongoing medical care and nourishment to thrive. The cost, however, is beyond the reach of their families.

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What’s changed at JCW?

Jo’burg Child Welfare is an essential service and continues to provide social work, residential and child protection services as best we can during lockdown. Adapting to lockdown requirements, while still keeping as many services active as possible, is proving to be a delicate balancing act.

Adjusting to lockdown Life

in Soweto is home to 90 children; 30 of whom are under the age of five. Just like the rest of us, they’re in lockdown!

Keeping our children safe!!

Babies and children at Othandweni and Princess Alice Adoption Home continue to enjoy normal residential services during lockdown.  Unfortunately, our centres have had to close their doors to walk-in volunteers.

Keep the food parcels coming!

e lockdown has dealt a major blow to families in Eldorado Park and informal settlements like Kliptown and Slovo Park. We’re seeing hunger, desperation and unemployment at an unprecedented scale, especially among youth-headed households.

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competition gives South African parents or guardians an opportunity to showcase their precious little ones while giving back to causes they love.

Birthdays are still celebrated!

Life carries on regardless of nasty viruses! Days tick past and birthdays come and go. But before they go, they need to be celebrated – and we thank donors for bringing colour and cheer to these special occasions.

Feed a Child/Family

u were to go to your favorite restaurant right now, what would you order? What would it cost? And if you can’t enjoy dining out at the moment, perhaps you’d like to donate the cost of that meal to Joburg Child Welfare children?