The coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all. It’s put a stop to countless activities. Yet people don’t stop abusing or abandoning their children, just because of the Coronavirus.

Children don’t stop needing food, and shelter, and love, just because of the Coronavirus.

They need our services even more. And it’s put a shock strain on us.

That’s why we’re hoping you’ll send an urgent gift by clicking here now to help Jo’burg Child Welfare protect our children.

We’re sure you’ve taken steps to care for yourself and your family, by stocking up on food and medicine, soap and toilet paper. 

Won’t you think of us as part of your family too; and help us prepare for the emergency by making your donation here right now?

We’ve beefed up efforts to protect JCW staff and children against exposure to the virus – especially at our homes where we provide a permanent place of safety to children from birth to 18 years.

Since the outbreak, I’ve spent R42 000 on hygiene and protective products like gloves, hand sanitizers and aprons. It’s a huge, unexpected expense. What’s even more distressing is that it doesn’t cover all our needs. Face masks are simply too expensive.

We care for little babies who are immune suppressed; and many of our staff use public trains and buses to get to work.

We need you to help keep these babies safe, by sending your gift towards health and protective products like these.

Please can we count on you to take the JCW family under your wing and make your online donation here? We truly need your support to cope with this crisis.

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