Jo'burg child welfare

Some children at Masibambisane need urgent medical care to survive. And then, they need ongoing medical care and nourishment to thrive. The cost, however, is beyond the reach of their families.

That’s why we were so relieved when Nick Mendell and his sister Sarah Flemmer took a chronically-ill child from Kliptown under their wing.

Sarah, a former JCW employee, and her brother Nick, visited Masibambisane many years ago when he was visiting from the USA. Nick was moved by Masi’s work, by the people there, and by a little boy in the ECD centre: 3-year-old Gerald*.

Gerald had chronic medical conditions which were aggravated by poor nutrition. He was in and out of hospital. The cost of taxi fares alone was crippling his unemployed mother.

But Nick became a monthly sponsor, agreeing to cover the costs of Gerald’s transport, medical care and healthy food. And when Gerald started experiencing eye problems, the family organized a pair of spectacles from Spec Savers.

Gerald is 11 now and attends day care at Masibambisane. The Masi team keeps a close eye on his health and education; and provides his family with a monthly food parcel.

Gerald hasn’t had any relapses since October 2018 and has grown into a fine young gentleman.

“Gerald and his family needed help and I was able to fill a need. I should do more for families at the center as they all deserve an easier life. I’m trying to raise awareness among my friends – and hopefully raise some funds to support the great work being done at Masi,” says Nick.

We thank Nick and Sarah for their massive commitment to Gerald.

Some people come and go — but you have stayed the distance. Please click here if you’d like to sponsor a child at Masi.

Thank you!

*Gerald is not his real name.

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