If you think about all the things you need to run a household – and multiply it by about 100! – then you’ll have an idea of the number of consumables that JCW centres go through each month.

We care for about 60 children and 30 babies at Othandweni Family Care Centre alone – so you can imagine the pile of nappies, washing powder, food, toilet paper, cleaning agents and toiletries that we use.

If you see an opportunity to help, please click here to make your donation.

We also have a two major fundraising asks.

The first is for a donation of a 2-ton truck, which we need for the in-house transportation of furniture and the collection of donations.

The second is for assistance with an expansion and maintenance project at Masibambisane in Eldorado Park. We’re appealing for assistance not only with building materials; but with services from contract workers such as painters, plumbers, bricklayers, electricians and even gardeners.

Click here to make a donation or contact 011 298 8500 or inkind@jhbchildwelfare.org.za

Thank you!

We appreciate your support.

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