Keep the food parcels coming!

Jo'burg child welfare

The lockdown has dealt a major blow to families in Eldorado Park and informal settlements like Kliptown and Slovo Park. We’re seeing hunger, desperation and unemployment at an unprecedented scale, especially among youth-headed households.

JCW’s Masibambisane centre is distributing 130 food parcels to our most vulnerable families each month. This only scratches the surface of demand.

That’s why we were so excited when an idea to prepare emergency food parcels started to gather steam. JCW staff collaborated with the Johannesburg Garden Club and KFC ADD Hope, as well as individual donors to collect food.

These amazing people helped assemble food parcels for over 320 families over a period of two months. The parcels contained essential items such as cooking oil, pulses, pasta and even sterilising agents. The families received the parcels before Easter; and then again in the first week of Level 4 lockdown.

We’re so grateful to all those who helped bring this food parcel dream to life.

Masibambisane means “lets pull together” and JCW donors did just that!

Of course, hunger happens every day. So please join us with donations of mom-perishable food and / or money, and let’s keep this great initiative rolling. Thank you

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