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There is always so much going on within Jo’burg Child Welfare, between our administrative duties, our beneficiary programmes and case work, and our fundraising efforts. While we do our best to publish regular updates here, many of our beneficiaries are protected by court order and our benefactors are encouraged to reach out to engage with us about the precise and detailed difference made by their contributions. Sign up for our email newsletter for more frequent updates


What’s changed at JCW?

Jo’burg Child Welfare is an essential service and continues to provide social work, residential and child protection services as best we can during lockdown. Adapting to lockdown requirements, while still keeping as many services active as possible, is proving to be a delicate balancing act.

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The Princess Alice Adoption Home provides residential care to about 30 babies and toddlers. It’s run by a team of 14 caregivers who work round-the-clock to provide the children with good quality care.

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Jo’burg Child Welfare is fortunate to be a beneficiary of KFC’s Add Hope campaign; which asks customers to donate R2 when they place their order of finger-licking good chicken.

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If you think about all the things you need to run a household – and multiply it by about 100! – then you’ll have an idea of the number of consumables that JCW centres go through each month.

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Due to covid all events are on hold until further notice, please email us to learn more.

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If you have a special occasion coming up, then why not celebrate by sharing your good fortune with the less fortunate? Pledging donations to JCW in lieu of gifts will make your occasion feel even more special. You might find that people who would not normally buy you a birthday or anniversary gift will be happy to support a cause that you’re passionate about. So, this year, be the spark that ignites change and encourage your loved ones to donate to JCW.