Adopting a child can be a long and stressful process. There are many hoops to jump through and reams of red tape to cut.

So to help interested parties gain a better understanding of South Africa’s adoption process, JCW has produced a short five-minute video.  This video provides an overview of the adoption process and explains time frames and problems that may crop up.

In South Africa, you can legally adopt a child by working through an accredited adoption agency, or with the assistance of an adoption social worker.

The process usually starts with submitting an application and is followed by a vigorous screening process. This allows social workers to get to know the prospective adopters as a family, their motivation to adopt, and their ability to offer a child a warm, loving and stable home. It may involve orientation meetings, interviews, full medicals, marriage and psychological assessments, home visits, police clearance certificates and character references.

It can take anywhere from six months to one year or longer to adopt a child – but it’s a joyous day when it finally arrives!

To make an appointment to discuss adoption, call JCW on 011 298 8500 or email To watch our video about the adoption process click here.

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