Jo’burg Child Welfare is an essential service and continues to provide social work, residential and child protection services as best we can during lockdown.

Adapting to lockdown requirements, while still keeping as many services active as possible, is proving to be a delicate balancing act.

At Othandweni and Princess Alice Adoption Home, babies and children continue to benefit from normal residential services; although volunteers are no longer allowed. Only the care workers, the Gogos and social workers are allowed, with protective gear and sanitizers as per Covid-19 regulations.

The JCW response team is still dealing with emergencies; but we’ve minimized activities such as Social Auxiliary Training; and have stopped walk-in clients in favour of mostly telephonic queries. We’ve also reduced our social worker force. Social work services have felt the added impact of the deaths of foster parents.

We’re grateful to JCW staff for their willingness to perform their duties under these extreme conditions. We are also grateful to donors who ensure that JCW’s vital services continue.

Thank you, one and all.

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